Planning Your Purchase: A Digital Signage Buyers Guide

Planning Your Purchase: A Digital Signage Buyers Guide

Congratulations! You’ve decided on digital signage. You’re joining the vast majority of businesses opting to enhance their communication methods. In fact, 60% of enterprises without digital signage in their stores planning to invest in the technology within the next two years. As a result, this industry is ever-growing!

It’s time to plan the digital signage network. But do you know where to start? Use these tips as a starting point and download our full Digital Signage Buyers Guide below:

Identify Goals

As before, think about the purpose of digital signage before installing it in the building. What message are you trying to convey and who is your target audience? Additionally, where does your audience spend their leisure time? The average attention span is 2.8-8 seconds. Some areas will feature higher foot traffic than others and will also do well with fast-moving signage to captivate their attention quickly. Other areas—such as waiting rooms—have a captive audience with time to read longer messaging.

Determine the Scope

How many digital screens are necessary? Is it a single signage installment in a healthcare office? Or a company-wide shift to digital advertising across multiple locations?

Know the Budget

Be sure to factor in other issues aside from the initial signage investment, such as the projected ROI from the solution. Additionally, be sure to keep up with digital signage industry news as pricing may change. According to market trends, the installation of digital signage is decreasing. For instance, between 2004 and 2010, the cost of deploying and maintaining a hundred-node digital signage network for three years decreased by 50%.

digital signage buying guide

Know the Deadlines

Digital signage integrations don’t happen overnight. Furthermore, the signage provider will need a timetable for installing and setting up equipment across locations. Estimate a minimum of 4 weeks from inquiry to implementation for your digital signage deadline.

Connect With the Stakeholders

Who are the primary decision-makers in these processes? Is it the marketing department? On the other hand, it could be your IT department? Each stakeholder needs to be consulted when investing in digital signage.

Which Content Is Needed

Users can rely on built-in content delivered through the digital signage CMS in a pinch. But companies will see the best ROI by creating their own customized content layouts.

Learn the Provider’s Additional Services

A quality digital signage provider will offer services beyond consultation and installation; the best ones will also help an organization completely optimize its digital signage investment across all fronts:

In short, to get a comprehensive overview of what you’ll need to consider when you purchase a digital signage network, download our buyer’s guide below!

Download the Buyer's Guide

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