8 Features and Benefits Of Lobby Digital Signage

8 Features and Benefits Of Lobby Digital Signage

Your lobby is your first chance to form a positive first impression among visitors and potential employees. Indeed, 40% of people report that a bad lobby experience impacts brand perception. Traditionally, companies paid little attention to how customers were received in their buildings. Today, more brands are investing in lobby design to create memorable experiences, engage visitors, and stand out from competitors.

lobby digital signage in a corporate office

Digital signs transform your lobby into an information hub where people can access news feeds, social media updates, wayfinding directories, and event listings. Most importantly, lobby displays are great tools to market your brand and leave an unforgettable impression on visitors.

A lobby digital signage system combines a digital signage player, commercial-grade screens, and display software. Then, you need eye-catching content that keeps visitors glued to your displays.

Here’s Why You Need Lobby Digital Signage

Lobby digital signage has numerous advantages over traditional signage. The features and benefits of lobby signs include the following.

1. Modernize Your Lobby

An outdated and tired lobby reflects poorly on your brand. Indeed, your lobby is an advertising tool, and you should furnish it with elegant furnishings, refined color palettes, an attractive security desk, and an easy-to-use building directory.

Most importantly, install digital screens in the lobby to establish your brand as innovative, adaptable, and tech-forward. Further, deploying a self-service kiosk lets visitors complete check-in procedures and bookings without queuing at the reception. This convenience impresses visitors, who remember your brand as modern, efficient, and customer-centric.

2. Lobby Digital Signage Increases Visitor Engagement

Visitors ignore lifeless static posters but focus on dynamic images and animations on sleek screens. Waiting customers in lobbies are the perfect audience for dynamic digital content as it reduces the perceived wait time.

For example, a hotel can showcase the city’s tourist attractions, amenities, and digital menu boards as visitors wait to check in. On the other hand, schools can inform waiting parents of student achievements, upcoming events, and new clubs for their children. A single lobby TV can stream many kinds of entertaining content, including web pages, animations, and social media feeds.

3. It’s Easily Customizable

Digital lobby signs are quick to update based on need. With static flyers, you spend a lot of time and money printing new posters and ensuring information is updated.

In contrast, you only need powerful display software to customize the information based on your needs. If you have an esteemed client coming for a meeting, quickly craft a personalized welcome message to make them feel valued. In the same vein, welcome new team members with cheerful videos, so they feel less anxious on the first day.

lobby digital signage inside of a hotel

Your software’s scheduling features come in handy when planning for digital signage content because you can schedule content to stream at a specific time and date. Then, show off your company website, awards, employee profiles, and positive customer reviews.

4. Lobby Digital Signage Boost Brand Awareness

Lobby screens are excellent platforms to elevate brand exposure. For instance, stream a slideshow of your current projects, highlight new products, or display your certificates and awards to establish credibility.

Embellish your digital signage content with your brand colors, fonts, and patterns, as it encourages visitors to make subconscious associations with your brand identity. Color is especially vital for brand recognition, as a signature color boosts brand recognition by 80%. So, use a consistent color palette and display your logo to enhance brand recall.

If you want to bring your brand to life and ensure visitors remember you, consider video walls, which deliver seamless and eye-catching visuals. Beyond greeting guests, lobby video walls can let visitors know your values, mission, and history.

5. Features Multi-Layout Display

You can set up a lobby TV in many ways, depending on your goals. Multi-zone layouts let you display multiple pieces of content simultaneously and cater to different audiences.

For instance, display live news alongside weather and traffic updates to engage passersby and waiting visitors. Digital signage software with advanced scheduling for layouts will help you schedule the content in multiple zones well in advance. For example, your digital screens could run company information alongside weather updates on weekdays and promotions and upcoming events on the weekends.

The best software solutions have customizable templates that simplify content creation. In this way, you control the layout of content on each lobby screen for maximum engagement.

6. Lobby Digital Signage Improves Navigation

Digital signage is an excellent addition to your wayfinding system since it improves the visitor experience in your building. Typically, people are disoriented and frustrated on large campuses without directional signs, which makes visitors less likely to revisit your premises.

lobby wayfinding digital signage

Fortunately, touchscreen kiosks in the office lobby help people quickly orient themselves and reduce crowds in the reception area. Essentially, someone searches for their destination on the screen and receives detailed instructions that kick-start their journey.

In addition, digital lobby kiosks display interactive maps, which adds a fun element of discovery. Visitors explore your amenities, cafeteria, conference rooms, and other areas they may not know.

Combine digital information kiosks with a company directory to help people find employees, departments, exits, and restrooms. Consequently, people don’t have to bother staff because they need help or clarification.

7. It Enhance Internal Communications

As it stands, 70% of employees wish their companies would upgrade their communication methods. Employees want information on various subjects, including healthcare enrollment procedures, training opportunities, and progress reports.

Thankfully, digital signage delivers critical information to team members and boosts productivity. First, you need digital signage software with content apps, which help you broadcast information that matters to your staff.

For instance, use Microsoft BI to curate rich data visualizations that track your company’s success. Additionally, leverage the metric dashboards to show sales figures, production levels, customer retention rates, and other KPIs.

Digital screens are also great platforms to manage workflows and motivate employees. More specifically, you can show what is left to do on a particular project, so employees plan their tasks as they leave or enter the building. Then, celebrate milestones on lobby screens to show workers that you value their efforts.

Lastly, deploy digital signage to boost company culture by reinforcing your values and creating fun birthday and anniversary messages. If your employees participate in a charitable cause, applaud their efforts with a vivid slideshow and short videos.

8. Lobby Digital Signage Reduces Costs

The costs of printing leaflets to communicate with staff and customers add up quickly and eat into your profits. Hence, consider going paperless by investing in digital signage solutions, which improve how you distribute messages internally and externally.

Cloud-based software is a cost-effective communication platform because you display any content through the same screens. Further, change the content in seconds from your preferred device to save time and reduce employee workload.

Self-service digital kiosks automate many tasks, reducing hiring and training costs. Moreover, lobby kiosks operate at all hours and on weekends and streamline your business operations without increasing the burden on staff.

Lastly, lobby digital signage increases your revenues if you sell ad space to local businesses. For instance, local tour companies and real estate firms can advertise on your hotel’s signage display and improve your bottom line.

Upgrade with Lobby Digital Signage Displays

lobby digital signage inside of a corporate office

Visitors make the first solid impression about your brand in the lobby. Thankfully, lobby digital signage instantly impresses visitors and adds a modern touch to your entrance area. Digital screens display multiple types of content, including wayfinding directories, real-time weather and traffic updates, opening hours, and short videos. Ultimately, lobby digital signage elevates the visitor experience, helping your firm stand out and improving brand loyalty.

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