benefits of digital menu boards

How Digital Menu Boards can revitalize your food business

The food industry is super-competitive. Whether you run a full-service restaurant or a kiosk in a train station, it’s time to replace your static menu boards with something altogether more eye-catching.

Digital menu displays offer visibility from afar and a wealth of benefits to your food business.

Super versatile and instantly updateable, digital menu displays are the ideal way to upsell your products by showcasing special offers and minimizing perceived wait times in queues.

This article is all about the benefits of digital menu boards.

The big question is: can you really afford not to upgrade?

Improving the customer experience

Customers waiting in queues is both good and bad for a food business. If you run a fast-food restaurant, diner, or a kiosk, queues make your business look popular.


Leave your customers waiting too long, and they go elsewhere.

Digital restaurant menu boards that incorporate animated graphics and rolling content improve queue management by reducing the perceived wait time by 35%.

And 80% of consumers have entered a store because a digital sign caught their interest.

Expressive and eye-catching visuals influence over 90% of buying decisions, so what better way to grab the attention of new guests?

Celebrate your ingredients

Showcase your specialty dish or draw attention to exclusive menu items based on time of day. Electronic menu boards offer a super-versatile way to develop your advertising strategy.

Over the past couple of decades, American consumers have become increasingly health-conscious. And restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King have adopted digital menu boards to help reassure and inform their customers about the quality of their products.

Everyone wants the nutritional information of prepared food these days, especially if they’re watching their calories. But printing nutritional information on physical posters or pamphlets is terrible for the environment because it causes a tremendous amount of waste.

Both McDonald’s and Burger King use their digital menu boards to include all of the essential nutrition information. And they celebrate their ingredients on rolling content that includes high-resolution video and engaging graphics.

And digital signage has an 83% recall rate – that’s almost double the rate of traditional advertising.

Reinforce your Brand with Digital Signage

Most businesses work hard to develop a brand identity, and digital menu boards become the ideal canvas to increase brand visibility and recognition.

Consider McDonald’s: their Golden Arches, set against a background of vibrant red, are instantly recognizable. These colors feature throughout their digital menu board content, ensuring that you can recognize that you’re heading towards a McDonald’s from the other end of the street.

An eye-catching and robust color palette creates cohesion between your premises and your product or service. Digital menu boards offer ultimate versatility because your display content is controlled by a local PC or even a smart device, such as your phone.

Include your company logo and brand colors to maximize the curb appeal of your food business.

Can you do without a digital menu board?

The technology is proving to be a resource that restaurateurs can’t do without.

Digital menu boards enable restaurants to:

  • Incorporate full-motion video into their menu displays
  • Showcase promotions, special offers, and time-of-day-sensitive menu variations
  • Comply with menu labeling laws
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenues

Digital signage customers experience – on average – a 24% increase in footfall after incorporating digital media into their menu boards.

And three-quarters of American consumers have told a friend or family member about a business after reacting to the store’s signage and say that an easy-to-read menu is their top priority when making purchase decisions.

Want to learn more about digital signage?

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Creating content for your digital display couldn’t be easier – read our comprehensive guide to digital signage for more information.

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