Digital Building Directory in a Mall

Creating a Digital Building Directory: Keys to Success

Wayfinding signs are a convenient way of providing information for visitors to find their way around. For example, around hospitals, retail stores, offices, government offices, malls, schools, and other commercial establishments. Traditionally, businesses used printed signs or engraved plaques that were challenging to update but digital directories have changed the game. Companies can now enjoy quicker customization by using digital directories and encourage more engagement with visitors.

What is a Digital Building Directory?

A digital directory is a tool that provides an audience with the information they need to reach their destination. So, if you want to enhance the experience of all visitors who visit your building, a digital building directory is a rewarding investment.

Digital Building Directory inside Union Station

Digital building directories are categorized under digital signage. Both of which use display screen to inform audiences and promote brand messages. A digital building directory features a display screen, content management software, and a media player. The building block of an effective directory is customized content that will delight your target audience.

Digital building directories have a modern aesthetic that is more appealing than traditional wayfinding signs. They are also easier to update and design, and you can customize the directory to match the interior of your office or building. There are many benefits to implementing digital building directories. You can use digital building directories to:

Help Staff and Visitors Navigate

If you have ever gotten lost in an office building or school, you understand the frustration that comes about when people are confused about directions. You can use digital directories to help students find their classrooms, clients find offices, patients find departments and labs, and employees locate conference rooms.

Manage Property

It costs about $400 to add a new tenant’s name to a traditional directory. So, you can avoid this cost by using a digital platform to manage your property. Property owners can improve the tenant experience by using digital directories to display maintenance schedules, reduce elevator perceived wait time, and advertise upcoming events.

Welcome Visitors

You can use digital signage to display a welcome message for all guests coming through your building. In other words, digital building directories can add a fresh look to lobbies and entrances and encourage clients to do business with you.

Using Digital Building Directories for Digital Marketing

Businesses can use digital building directories to create long-lasting brand recognition. Sprinkle your logo, branded graphics, and colors on the directory content to reinforce branding. The platform will provide an opportunity to display fresh and updated content to potential customers. Consequently, you should dispense relevant information that will engage your audience.

Digital Building Directory in a Lobby of a Building

A digital building directory can help you display the available amenities to potential tenants. For instance, if you have a pool or a gym, it can be displayed in the lobby directory. Considering that your lobby will make the first impression to visitors, you should use vibrant imagery to captivate a guest’s attention.

If you run a resort, hotel, or restaurant, you can use digital directories to promote events and display the available services. This helps visitors can get real-time offers and deals and any other information they need to have a productive adventure. You can also invest in interactive directories that allow customers to send directions to a mobile device. Thus making it easier to find their way around your premises.

Getting the Most out of Digital Building Directories

If you are tired of using signs with inset panels, you will love the stylish appeal of digital building directories. This program has all the benefits of automated management systems, in addition to providing an exciting platform to share information with staff and guests. While a digital building directory will transform how you inform and update visitors, you need to practice several best practices for it to be effective, including:

Add Interactivity

Interactive touch screen options will boost visitor engagement, as they enable visitors to connect with your brand. Interactive capability is especially suitable in building with a lot of visitor traffic, where you need to offer plenty of transit information.

Touch screen directory

Use a Variety of Displays

Digital building directories are not only suitable for entrances, as they can be installed at various points across a building. You can use wall displays and video walls to showcase exciting news and engage visitors and elevator displays to deliver critical information. You can also invest in indoor and outdoor kiosks in shopping centers, campuses and other establishments. This can assist in dispensing real-time information.

Include Multi-Language Support

Your digital building directory should offer support for all visitors to your premises. If you have added interactive features, ensure that there is a multi-language option for all guests to access relevant information. For instance, you can add a function where the person using the interface can chose between two language, i.e. Spanish or English.

Keep the Directory Clutter-Free

Visitors should be able to access the information they are interested in without distractions. Avoid overburdening your audience, rather use displays that are easy to read and straight to the point. Include fonts that are appealing to the eye, and use clean and vibrant images.

Digitize Your Building’s Information

A digital building directory will help your visitors navigate your premises to minimize confusion. You can use the directory for digital marketing by displaying real-time and relevant information that boosts engagement.

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