digital signage and human resources

5 Ways to Utilize Digital Signage and Human Resources

Are you looking for ways to improve your company culture while effectively communicating your company’s goals and values to your employees? The human resources (HR) department can use digital signage to instantly communicate with employees company-wide and keep important HR information front and center throughout the business day. Let’s look at five ways you can use both digital signage and human resources to help bridge the gap between management and employees:

1. Create a Cohesive Corporate Culture

When it comes to dispersing important company-wide information, you’ll need to utilize both digital signage and human resources. With the proper combination of fresh content and carefully worded corporate messaging, you can instill a deeper understanding of company values and create a big-picture vision.

You can also use digital signage to display the company’s mission statement. Help workers better understand their individual roles in the long-term company plan. Provide a level of transparency that allows employees to feel included in the process; make them feel like they’re more than a simple cog in the machine. Let them know they matter. The more transparent and concise the message, the easier it will be for employees to get on board and invest in eventual outcomes.

2. Advertise Job Openings

Finding strong talent to fill open job positions is always a challenge, but digital signage can provide a uniquely viable solution:

  • Quickly communicate job openings to your entire staff. This not only boosts company morale by providing an opportunity for workplace advancement, but also improves the retention of high-performing employees—and allows the best in-house talent to vie for open positions.
  • Advertising job openings via digital signage allows you to tap into a more qualified talent pool. Employee referrals tend to be of a higher quality because dedicated employees aren’t willing to risk their personal reputations to endorse unqualified or otherwise inappropriate candidates. Therefore, you’ll typically deal with a better class of applicants.
  • Using digital signage to promote job openings helps save time and conserve financial resources. Employee applications and referrals help speed up the hiring process and fill open positions faster, eliminating the need for expensive advertising.

3. Communicate Company Safety Standards

A safe workplace environment is imperative to the success of any business. Unfortunately, it’s not always efficient or feasible to have a manager on the floor monitoring safety procedures and employee behavior. In fact, such micromanagement has been known to produce a negative impact on company morale. Digital signage, however, can help promote higher safety standards by keeping pertinent safety information fresh in the minds of your employees. For example, digital signage can be used to:

  • Display safety tips that could be helpful to employees working in an area rife with heavy machinery.
  • Raise awareness where other potential safety hazards are concerned, such as drug and alcohol use.
  • Provide procedural information on how to report such safety concerns to upper management.

Using digital signage to helps educate employees on proper safety procedures can help prevent unnecessary accidents and maintain a positive company culture.

4. Keep Company Goals Top of Mind

It’s easy for employees to get bogged down during the daily grind. Often times workers are so wrapped up in completing their current tasks, that they overlook how their efforts feed into the bigger picture. This can lead to unnecessary delays and holdups, especially in situations where one department’s output depends on that of another.

Seeing company goals prominently displayed via digital signage can help workers refocus on the end-goal and better recognize the unique roles they play in moving the ball forward. This helps increase job engagement and builds a sense of workplace unity. Employees work harder when they feel a certain level of responsibility to the cause — and to their teammates.

5. Reinforce the Core Values of Your Company

When employees understand and connect with a company’s core values, they become more invested in the outcomes of their jobs. They take an active interest in the growth of the business as a whole. Displaying core values via digital signage reminds everyone why they’re doing what they do and instills a sense of pride.

Tasks that may seem otherwise menial suddenly have new purpose when tied to the goals and values of the company. This renewed sense of purpose provides additional clarity, improves employee behavior and inspires greater overall job performance.

Digital Signage and Human Resources

Digital signage is the perfect way to deliver an effective message to employees instantaneously. You keep pertinent information top of mind throughout the business day. For aligning workforce and management, digital signage may be the ideal solution for you.


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