How To Clean A TV Screen

Cleaning a TV? Who even researches that? But you may be surprised. According to a 2018 study, 31% of people wonder if they are cleaning correctly, while 34% wonder if they clean enough. 

So, there is a wrong way to clean your TV, its frame, and even the stand. For example, did you know that spraying water directly onto the TV screen could cause a shock or component failure if water seeps into the inner workings of the set? Messing it up will leave you with smears, scratches, or worse, destruction for the longest time possible. 

Cleaning a screen with a cloth

Here are some essential steps to follow while cleaning your TV screen. 

Choosing the Right Cleaning Supplies

You may be tempted to create your cleaning concoctions when trying to make your screen sparkle again. However, this may damage your screen, so you must rely on professional cleaning supplies for the best results.

1. WHOOSH! 2.0 Cleaner

WHOOSH is one of the best and most used screen cleaners. It is best known for being alcohol—and ammonia-free, which makes it ideal if you are sensitive to strong smells. It is also very effective even when used in small amounts, meaning it lasts long. 

WHOOSH is also a great option, especially if you are eco-conscious. It uses refillable cartridges, saving up to 75% of plastic waste. It also comes in travel-size bottles and wipes, making it convenient for anyone exploring different options.

2. Calyptus Screen Cleaner

This is a plant-based natural screen cleaner. It is known to have no ammonia or toxic chemicals. It also has no unnecessary fragrances, meaning that it is odorless. Furthermore, it comes with two towels. One is a heavy-lifting cloth that takes away dirt and grim, and the other is a ‘pixel-shining’ cloth with a glossy finish. 

3. Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes

These Care Touch Cleaning wipes are the best option, especially if liquids or sprays don’t yield desirable results. The wipes contain isopropyl alcohol that does the cleaning. These wipes can be used to clean various types of screens safely without damaging the anti-reflection coating. 

4. Click Clean Screen Cleaner

This cleaner supply comes in a pair of cloth and a spray. It is very compact and can easily fit in pockets and purses. This cleaner can be used on any screen, including a laptop, phone, or tablet. It is also best for TV screens since they have no coating. 

Preparing Your TV for Cleaning

Turning your TV off is the most crucial step when preparing it for cleaning. Do this a few minutes before you start cleaning. While you wait for it to cool down, you can also gather the cleaning supplies and gloves you’ll need. 

But why is turning a TV off important?

  • Cleaning an excellent TV is more accessible than cleaning a warm, running one. The warm screens are more likely to react to your cleaning products, leaving streaks behind.
  • It is safer for the set.
  • Seeing dirt or finger smudges when the screen is dark is more accessible.

You must also consult the manufacturer’s manual on the steps to follow or the safer ways of cleaning your TV. The monitor manufacturer is likely to have its own set of cleaning instructions. Even though it may err on cation and cleaning supplies, you will find specific advice for your particular display and the types of coatings used. 

Some manufacturers may recommend 70-90% of isopropyl alcohol on some products, while others, like LG, will not recommend moistening displays. 

Cleaning the TV Screen

After turning off the TV, you can follow the cleaning process.

1. Dust the Screen with a Microfiber Cloth or Electronic Duster

The first step is to remove the dust layer on your TV to allow for a critical cleaning process. Use a microfiber cloth and gently wipe your screen up and down while shaking the cloth to remove the dust. If you don’t have the microfiber cloth, use a 100% cotton T-shirt instead. Remember that paper towels, cotton towels, or toilet paper aren’t an option in this case, as they may cause scratches on the TV screen. 

Another best option is the electronic starter, which uses static electricity to attract dust and lint. It is an easy way to clean the TV without scratching it. When dusting, rinse off the duster and hang it up for drying. 

2. Clean the Frame

For the frame, especially a hard plastic frame, use a microfiber cloth or a duster to wipe it off. Clean the frame just right after you have cleaned the TV. Also, take note of the vents on the sides and backs of the TV and wipe them off with a cloth. 

3. Remove Streaks with Distilled Water

Grab a clean microfiber, spritz distilled water directly onto it, and wipe the screen up and down. Remember to spray the solution onto your cloth, not the screen.

4. Clean Using Other Solutions for the Best Results

If distilled water is impractical, it can be diluted with white vinegar and sprayed on the microfiber. You can also use isopropyl alcohol as an alternative. Additionally, you can use wipes to scrub spots that are difficult to remove, cleaning the cabinet and the stand.

The important step you don’t want to forget is cleaning the TV cabinet and ensuring that dust isn’t clogging the vents, which helps dissipate heat. If your TV is on a stand and not tethered to a wall, you should clean it with one hand and support the TV with the other, as this will prevent the set from tipping over. You can also use anti-tipping straps that will anchor your TV and enable you to clean it without much hassle. 

If you encounter hard-to-remove stains, dampen the cloth slightly with distilled water. Use mild dish soap highly diluted with water for the most stubborn stains for the best results. Also, remember to clean the remote controls on your TVs, cable boxes, and streaming players. They are handled the most and are more likely to harbor pathogens and plain old grime. 

Avoiding Common Mistakes

The most common mistake is using glass cleaners like Windex, polishes, and even isopropyl alcohol unless the manufacturer clearly states that they won’t have detrimental effects on your screen. Most of these cleaning products are usually made with ammonia and alcohol and contain fragrances that could damage the display. 

The screens have protective coatings to combat glare and reflections or oleophobic coatings to repel fingerprints. So, if you have been using these products with no ill effects, consider yourself lucky and stop using them. 

Tips for Maintaining a Clean TV Screen

Most of the tips that you can observe have been explained above. They include turning off the TV, using microfiber and appropriate cleaning supplies, gentle cleaning, and avoiding harsh chemicals. Other than these, other important tips include:

  • Regular cleaning of the TV
  • Avoiding direct sunlight

These tips are essential for maintaining your TV’s picture quality, longevity, and effectiveness.

Follow These Tips for the Best Results

Cleaning a TV screen may seem easy. However, ignorance can cause you to waste money by damaging a new TV. The steps outlined above will not only ensure that you keep a TV clean but also help maintain its quality and give you the best images every time you watch it. 

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