Techorating to Improve Employee Morale and Customer Experience

Techorating to Improve Employee Morale and Customer Experience

How do you feel when you walk into your business premises? Do you get a Wow and an immediate sense of focus and calm? Or do you feel a little deflated and heavy by the drab surroundings, as though the walls are caving in and you can’t wait to leave?

If that’s how you feel, it’s highly likely it’s also how your customer feels.

And that’s a problem.

People usually associate interior design with homes, fashionable shops, and restaurants. But well-considered aesthetics in business settings can improve productivity, increase comfort, and boost profits.

You might not have heard of techorating (you may have thought it was a typo!). This article is all transforming your trading spaces with display technologies that leave a lasting impression while improving employee morale and boosting the customer experience.

What is techorating?

Techorating is a concept developed by interior designer Doug Wilson back in 2008. He described it as “the overall experience” – the seamless integration of interior design with technology.

Wilson described techorating as the Wow factor as you walk into a casino – that blinding flashing of lights and information, but with an entertainment component that draws people towards the general environment. He believes that techorating uplifts the spirits and energizes employees and customers.

And digital displays are the perfect canvas for delivering your techorating strategy.

Reinforcing brand identity

Of course, public spaces and professional spaces are very different: some businesses favor subtlety over that classic Vegas bling.

Techorating isn’t necessarily about blinding your visitors with flashing lights; it’s about making technology an element of interior design that reinforces your brand identity.

You might run a spa, in which case play video content that reinforces the ambiance of the space:

  • Schools of dolphins and whales in the sea
  • Rainforest wildlife in their natural habitat
  • Sunsets sinking below beach horizons

Create an instant impression, putting your customers and staff at ease as soon as they enter your building. Replace bare walls with wall murals that project an illusion of depth and space. Introduce a fresh new look that is infinitely changeable.

Or you might work in industry or manufacturing. Improve employee morale by using your digital display technologies to bring warmth into stark, industrial spaces. Use your digital displays to remind employees how to keep safe in your environment; with a digital display, everyone has a good view of the screen.

Brand is so much more than a logo and a color palette. Techorating your premises helps set the tone of the building – creating a better environment for your staff and a welcoming vibe for your customers.

And, of course, digital screens are the ultimate advertising tool – helping project your wares across large spaces.

Techorating impacts employee morale

Studies have shown that interior décor directly affects employee morale and productivity while improving the customer experience. A recent study by a GetcysApp and Mvix partnership shows just how important it is that businesses “dress for success”:

  • 63% of small business owners surveyed confirmed that techorating impacts both employee morale and the customer experience
  • A mere 6% disagreed that interiordecor has a positive impact on their company

Techorating Attracts Millenials And Gen Z to the workplace

In the past, factory-based manufacturers have struggled to attract Millenials and Gen Z because the perception of factories is that they’re unpleasant places to work: dirty, noisy, and dangerous.

However, new technologies such as digital displays can motivate workforces and improve engagement. Introducing gamification elements into the workflow adds healthy competition that keeps employees focused and motivated. If an employee can see their progress, they can also see how their cog of the wheel contributes to the whole.

A happy, motivated employee means better productivity, greater focus, less waste, and higher profits.

Techorating with Digital Signage

Techorating is about blending technology seamlessly with the professional environment, making the hardware part of the design canvas.

A recent influential Harvard Business Review article talked of a “seismic shift” in low-friction, customized digital interactions between customers and businesses. The article, The Age of Continuous Connection, suggests that companies create stronger connections with clients through the content chosen in techorating contexts.

The article suggests that it’s crucial to build a business case when selecting the right video wall for your business.

Consider the display image quality required for your specific business environment – do you need digital displays that work in high-brightness environments like lobbies with large windows, for example?

Techorating for Improved Communication

Digital signage provides an ideal solution for company-wide communication. The days of static signage and office memos are long gone. Even email and instant messaging tools aren’t always the best way to disseminate business-critical information.

Employees are more tech-savvy than ever, and they expect employers to keep up with trends.

Digital signage helps modernize the look of an office, lending the perception of a cutting-edge organization while creating employee cohesion.

Here are some ideas for digital signage content:

  • Recognize and celebrate employee achievements and anniversaries
  • Communicate with large groups at multiple locations
  • Reinforce and supplement training
  • Instantly communicate any emergency messages
  • Announce new products and specs
  • Advertise events and encourage attendance
  • Display a playlist of imagery of beautiful scenery as digital wallpaper to create a calm environment.

The modern employee is much more than a worker bee, simply plugging away till retirement. They offer competitive skills and want to feel like a valued member of the team.

As dynamic and constantly developing employees, they expect the same from their employer. Techorating with digital signage is one way an employer can demonstrate a progressive approach to their business.

Smart devices in smart spaces

Digital signage improves communication between employees, which directly affects the customer experience.

Implementing this technology sends a solid first impression. It tells potential customers that a business is forward-thinking and willing to move with the times.

Digital signs can be as interactive (and easy to use) as a website.

For example, use your signage as part of your welcome process: display a QR code that your customers scans on their smartphone to confirm their arrival for an appointment. Or allow that QR code to direct your customer to your booking system.

With touchscreen technology, your digital sign becomes an interactive experience that boosts the customer experience.

Digital signage technologies reinforce your brand,  creating dynamic interactions with multimedia material. Used in the right way, techorating can inspire customers to get involved, talk about you to their friends and colleagues, and help improve lead conversions.

Techorating for art’s sake

Of course, the techorating process is as much about aesthetic value as practical application. Rather than just displaying information, many companies are embracing the versatility of digital signs to display art, as well as advertisements.

And, by commissioning digital artwork from local artists, businesses are supporting the local community, giving new life to impersonal office buildings.

Techorating goes way beyond communication and works to create an unforgettable experience for the customer by evoking an emotional response that minimizes the perception of waiting in queues and boosts the sense of satisfaction.

On a more practical level, digital signage provides essential information in a direct and well-organized manner. Large buildings, such as museums and hospitals, use displays to help visitors navigate their exhibition spaces. Retailers advertise sales and special offers, while highlighting new clothing lines and promoting seasonal products.

Digital displays are instantly updateable. The time and effort needed to create, print, and distribute hard copy advertisements is virtually eliminated. Marketing and advertising materials always stay up-to-date.

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