video wall in hallway

One Digital Signage Screen or More? The Benefits of a Video Wall

Interestingly, 54% of customers prefer video content. Why maximize your return on investment and captivate your audience with a video wall. A video wall consists of multiple screens tiled together and held by bezels to create a large screen. While one signage screen can captivate your audience and does feature videos, video walls provide a creative immersive experience gravitating attention towards the video.

If you are struggling to get your message across, a video wall may the attention-grabbing solution you need to implement for guaranteed engagement. Here is a comprehensive guide on video wall displays, where you can use them, and why you should invest in one.

video wall in hallway

Markets That Can Benefit From Video Wall

Video wall technology has a great impact on companies in different industries. It’s an ideal communication tool to pass information in different environments like:

  • Transport: Bus, train stations, and airports have video walls for advertising and sharing travel times and vessels. Additionally, they use these video walls to share emergency messages like evacuations.
  • Education: The education sector can use video walls to explore big data in detail. They can also use video walls to enhance collaboration and unite information through the shared visual platform.
  • Corporate: Businesses can invest in video walls and use them in visualization suites, meeting rooms, and waiting rooms. They can use the large screen display to display company announcements, recent performance, or welcome messages.
  • Emergency Services: Emergency centers can use video walls to share critical information in real-time. Thus, ensuring prompt responses and accurate responses to emergencies.
  • Retail: Forward-thinking entrepreneurs use video calls to welcome customers, advertise their brand, and share information. Video walls deliver interactive and engaging multimedia presentations, drawing attention to the business.

9 Benefits of a Video Wall

A larger display can serve different industries. So, irrespective of the industry your company operates in, a video wall is a necessary tool for the success of your business. Here are nine benefits of a video wall for your business.

1. Outstanding High-Quality Images

Before digital displays came into play, businesses relied on projectors for large images. When using a projector, you need to focus on the lens. Moreover, you should ensure a perfect blend of edges between two images. Depending on what you need to display, you might need to use two projectors for adequate light on the wall.

Video walls are better. They use direct view technology whose output is a clear, high-quality image with high resolution on an LCD or LED screen. The clarity of images from digital displays and the interactive video walls demand attention from your customers and target audience.

2. Ideal for Internal and External Communication

Every business has a public space and control room. Sometimes, you need to display data to your employees and different information to your audience and customers. The video wall display is ideal for both internal and external communication.

You can use the video wall to share information with your staff or customers visually and in real-time. The number of pixels a digital display offer makes it easy to combine information from different sources in various formats for better communication.

3. Easy Control and Configuration

Just because video wall technology is advanced doesn’t mean it’s complex. Another benefit of a video wall is the configuration of video wall controllers is easy to understand and user-friendly. You can easily operate the video wall and decide what to display, which video wall, and where. Additionally, video walls offer complete customizability to meet your needs.

Furthermore, there are premade layouts on digital signage software you can use with Wi-Fi connectivity. Some video wall processors have content management and distribution platform to manage your content. Thus, making video wall displays easy to control.

4. Enjoy the Best Resolution

You can have every minute detail of your information relayed perfectly due to the high-resolution video walls offer. The resolution is about the pixel count and density. More pixels mean a detailed image. Video walls create a great visual impact due to the high pixel count.

They can handle a stack of high-definition displays, leading to a massive image display with fine details. All the video wall needs is a digital signal processor. Therefore, you can advertise through high-resolution videos. As a matter of fact, 62% of marketers attribute their marketing success to video engagement. You can also use videos for your business for greater success.

5. Customizability

Different businesses have different needs. Video walls offer customizability, versatility, and functionality. You can create a video wall design of different shapes representing your brand. Moreover, since video walls use many displays, you can get creative and come up with the best wall for your business.

Besides customizability, video walls also offer flexibility. You can match the video wall with architectural features in your business. You can use commercial grade-hardware for the long-run ability to play videos daily during business hours.

6. Impressive Image Brightness

The best substitute for an LED video wall is a front projector. However, their image quality is low, and projectors are ineffective for bright areas. For example, projectors may be ineffective if your business relies on natural light. The images will appear muted and washed out.

On the other hand, LED and LCD displays are backlit. Therefore, they offer ambient lighting and better brightness and contrast than projectors. LED video walls are clear even when sun rays hit the screen.

7. Encourages Interactivity

Consumers’ needs are constantly evolving. Currently, in this technological era, customers expect engaging interactions from businesses. Similarly, employees look up to their employers, hoping for intelligent, engaging, and productive interactions.

A video wall system encourages interactivity as it engages consumers and employees with visuals and graphics. Indeed, touch screens with large displays offer a heightened level of engagement. Customers feel more engaged where a touch on the screen triggers information. Therefore, it also improves the user experience.

6. Unforgettable First Impression

A display wall helps make an unforgettable first impression on a target audience. So, video walls help convert them into repeat customers. Interactive video walls draw attention, and personalized advertisements prompt people to buy. Video walls position the content so that customers envision themselves as the user. They imagine themselves configuring, browsing, and holding the item in their hands.

Target customers always have questions about new products. In fact, 69% of people admit they would prefer to learn more about products by watching short videos. Therefore, you can use a touch screen display to answer their questions. You can also rely on a touchscreen display to offer them more information about your product or service through the interactive video wall. Indeed, the first impression matters and a good impression means a higher chance of a conversion.

8. Makes Your Business Adaptable

The dynamic business world needs entrepreneurs to be adaptable to change. As technology changes, you should embrace it and make the most of it. Ensure you obtain the latest technology and necessary resources to pivot your business to enable it to grow stronger.

By installing a video wall, you can quickly change the information you display. You can display promotions, social media page content, menus, or other types of content. Besides, you will no longer need to order new materials or switch out digital signages to display different content. Video walls are easy to use and allow instant changes through content management.

9. Multi-Source Visualization

Lastly, another benefit of a video wall is that it’s a series of multiple screens; thus, it’s a multi-source display. You can use this display technology to simultaneously display images, video streams, or other information in different formats.

You will need proper content management and a video wall processor. If possible, get an interoperable processor which can process different source formats, and display them on any type. As a result, there are various video wall processors, some with format limitations and others advanced. Go for a diverse processor with high processing power and no downtime to avoid lagging.

Boost Your Business By Using the Latest Technology

Video wall solutions are the best option for all businesses, irrespective of the industry. Adding a video wall display in your store, lobby, or control room can offer an interactive experience. Actually, each video wall project is unique and can be customized to your needs. You can work with video walls and larger display design experts. Communicate your needs and brand requirements, and let them come with the perfect video wall design for you.

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