Benefits of digital signage in schools

The Benefits of Digital Signage in Schools | Infographic

K-12 schools and college campuses are more tech-savy than ever, and are using digital signage to educate students and improve communication. The benefits of digital signage in schools cover a wide range – from student communication to communicating with parents and teachers. Three common benefits and use cases include:

1. Show Event Listings

When’s the next big football game? Displaying event listing on the school’s digital signage screens can easily answer that question. There are endless opportunities for using this application. Some of the benefits of digital signage for schools include posting student-teacher conference dates, that way both teachers and parents can come prepared.

Schools can also use it to advertise for bake sales, auctions, or other revenue-driving opportunities. This is an essential use case for raising awareness and driving attendance to the events.

2. Use for Emergency Messaging

Emergencies such as floods, gas leaks, or AMBER alerts need to be addressed immediately.

Using digital signage for emergency messaging can quickly, and effectively, address those issues. The signs can display the alerts and other safety instructions e.g. where to congregate in case of a fire. Digital signage can also be used to display CAP alerts from local and national sources. These alerts are also being sent via email and text, so adding digital signage as another tool to share these alerts ensure that the messages reach the students.

In a dangerous situation, this use case is crucial and can even be life-saving.

3. Leverage Shareable Documents

Shareable documents are a necessity for a school environment, for both students and teachers. Schools can use digital signage to display content from Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. This will provide students with real-time information, such as an updated midterm study guide.

Schools can also upload videos and images to a Google Slide which can immediately be seen by students and teachers. They can also set permission controls on these content types so that only specific individuals will have access to updating the documents.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Schools

These are just 3 of numerous benefits schools can get out of digital signage.

Digital displays are more appealing to students than traditional static displays, and therefore the messages are more impactful. It is safe to say that digital signage helps to close the communication gap that schools may have with their students and engage them in the learning process.

The infographic below depicts the various benefits of having digital signage in schools, along with informative statistics:

Benefits of digital signage in schools

For the complete list of must-have school appropriate features, content, and digital signage software information, download our Digital Signage Software Guide for Schools:

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