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The Top Digital Signage Software for Mini PCs

One of the main benefits of digital signage is that you can display sound, video, tickers, animation, and graphics on projectors, monitors, and other multimedia devices. Interestingly, 80% of shoppers say they walked into a store because of its digital signage. To make the most of this technology, you should use the best digital signage software to complement your hardware device. Here is a list of some top digital signage software for mini PCs.


This is one of the best cloud-based digital signage software tools. The visual layout and user-friendly interface make Mvix a favorite for many people. Additionally, this cloud-based digital signage solution is open source and has incredible features accessible through multiple platforms.

Actually, Mvix software has over 150 content apps and integrations that enable you to create compelling digital signage for education. Also, schools can use the displays to create welcome boards, informative boards and announcement boards. Other use cases include directories in lobbies, wayfinding in malls and hospitals, and employee communication in offices.

To help you maximize ROI, the Mvix CMS can be utilized to deliver insightful reports on your mini PCs and content. What’s more, you can handle 1 or 100 displays in the same or various screens, thanks to the flexible CMS. The application is also customizable and offers first-class technical support. Other additional features of Mvix’s software include multi-content playlists, content scheduling, and zone-based templates. 


Yodeck pricing

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Therefore, you should use quality software to make the most of your digital signage. Yodeck is a cloud-based digital signage software solution. Therefore, everything is available on-demand. The service is also fast and reliable.

To operate Yodeck’s single-monitor free service, you should buy a Yodeck signage player based on a Raspberry Pi. Alternatively, you could run Yodeck for free by configuring an existing Raspberry Pi. If this doesn’t work for you, there are annual plans that begin with a monthly rate per screen. Additionally, subscribers get an unlimited number of players for free.

Yodeck has all the basic features of quality digital signage software, like audio and video compatibility. Furthermore, the application has several widgets that enable you to stream content from third-party providers like CNN and BBC. Also, the application lets you playback content to see how your target audience will view it.

Another notable benefit of Yodeck is its self-explanatory and scheduling monitors. The application also has ready-to-use templates and supports a variety of media players, touch screen devices, and mobile devices.

OnSign TV

This easy-to-use content management software is popular for its impressive features. First, the software is compatible with several operating systems, including Chrome OS, Android, Windows, Linux, Samsung SSP, macOS, and more.

Another benefit of OnSign TV is its comprehensive list of compatible players. However, it’s advisable to study these players to determine the ones that will work with your mini PC. The software supports several free apps that show a great deal of information, from local weather forecasts to sports results.

One other notable feature is the option to create apps in HTML5. Moreover, the interface operates on a drag-and-drop basis. This allows you to pull in the necessary dynamic content. For example, if you want an application, you only have to schedule your monitor to play it.

Telemetry TV

Telemetry is a popular digital signage software because it suits users of varying budgets. Furthermore, it has a free version limited to one device. The main packages are the essential and enhanced plan. The essential plan is for mid-sized audiences and supports up to three users. The enhanced plan supports five users.

When you sign-up for Telemetry, you should download a desktop app for your OS. Another alternative is to access the interface through your web browser. Telemetry’s standard browser interface is authoritative and well-designed.

Although the interface is self-explanatory, you can refer to the home page for informative video tutorials. Another advantage of this software is the built-in editor, which enables you to create basic digital signage systems. Therefore, novice users can apply this technology for professional web pages and signage solutions.


According to a study by Arbitron, over 135 million teens and adults see digital signage posts each week. To display dynamic content that appeals to your audience, you need to use quality software like StrataCache. This free digital signage software is compatible with Windows and Linux-based operating systems. The application enables users to create, edit, and control signboard content with an internet-powered device.

Moreover, you can count on StrataCache’s excellent customer support if you have issues using the application. Additional features of this software include varied template options, workflow control, content scheduling, and social media integration. The impressive graphical frame designer is an excellent feature for novice users.


If you want an application with AI-powered sensor technology, try Viewneo. This on-premise software comes with optimized hardware solutions. One advantage of Viewneo is that it grows at the pace of your business.

Additionally, with Viewneo, you can add and remove components based on the complexity and size of the displays you need. The software has Pixabay integration, allowing you access to more than two million images and numerous plugins for weather, real-time news feeds, and social media. Also, the software offers a variety of design templates and provides comprehensive analytics and reports. TheseThese features make it easy to measure the impact of your messaging.

Viewer’sViewer’s CMS is easy to use due to its minimal tabs and subcategories. As a result, first-time users don’t struggle to create digital signs with this content management system. Moreover, the platform is compatible with players such as Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick.


This digital signage content management solution is popular for its cost-effectiveness and functionality. Indeed, Visix is available on Ubuntu, Windows, Android, and WebOS.

Another benefit of Visix is its innovative visual interface and numerous widgets. Other features include advanced analytics and diagnostics, and content scheduling. The layout designer also has powerful widgets. Visix has flexible HTML functionality and offers continuous customer support and service.


OpenSignage is a popular software because of its grade security and unique core features. This software has digital signage APIs allowing you to manage screen networks safely. Additionally, this signage tool offers intuitive digital signage solutions for various sectors and targets specific users with smart content displays.

One benefit of using OpenSignage is its compatibility with Linux, Android, Windows, and HTML5 devices. Therefore, you can create signage screens with different formats. Moreover, you can manage playlists and content on several devices. Other features include content scheduling, a media library with numerous third-party content and widgets, and continuous customer support.

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Every business worth its salt uses digital signage for its visual communications and advertisements. The effectiveness of digital signage varies depending on the software you use for your interactive kiosks and signage screens. So, when shopping for the best digital signage software, consider your budget, specific needs, and existing hardware. While this list isn’t comprehensive, you will find it helpful in your quest for the ideal digital signage solution for your business.

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