digital signage in banks (waiting line queue)

Top 5 Locations to Put Digital Signage in Banks

Modern financial institutions operate in a highly-competitive field characterized by evolving customer expectations. Despite the rise of online banking, many people prefer in-person interactions to handle their financial needs. Actually, 62% of consumers favor banks and credit unions with physical branches over those with online operations only. However, today’s customers demand a more personalized and engaging experience and digital signage in banks is the solution.

Traditionally, banks used printed posters and brochures to advertise services. But, printed materials are impractical in banks, as currency rates, interest rates, and offers are constantly changing. Financial institutions need communication mediums that are easy to update with real-time information.

Digital signage, or the deployment of display technologies like LED and LCD, has emerged as an effective communication platform to connect with banking customers. Currently, many financial institutions are diversifying their offerings to attract new clients and retain customers, and digital screens are excellent platforms to market your exciting offers.

Bank Digital Signage Locations

Placement is vital when implementing a digital signage system. Ideally, situate your screens in high-traffic areas, especially spots where people linger waiting for service. Some locations have more impact than others, such as:

1. Lobby

lobby of a bank

Your lobby shapes a customer’s first impression of your institution. To illustrate, 40% of people say that a poor lobby experience hurts brand perception. Clients met with vibrant screens when they step into your lobby perceive your brand as innovative and tech-savvy. In addition to modernizing your entrance area, digital signs let you stream different information to visitors.

Foremost, lobby signage delivers wayfinding information to ease navigation in banks. Visitors who enter your branch should know where to go without bothering employees. A digital signage directory listing offices and employees help people determine where they should go and who they should see, whether they need an auto loan or mortgage. Further, building layouts on bright displays reduce confusion in corridors and hallways.

Lobby digital signs are also ideal mediums to enhance your brand. By displaying corporate news, awards, online reviews, social media quotes, logos, and brand colors, you generate interest for your company and improve brand loyalty among existing customers. Additionally, let your audience know about services they didn’t know before.

You must refresh the digital signage content continually to captivate audiences. If customers find the same information on your digital screens whenever they visit your branch, they stop paying attention. So, invest in a powerful content management system that pulls data from different sources to drive customer engagement.

2. Touch Kiosk

touch screen kiosk

Interactive touchscreens elevate the customer experience by allowing visitors to interact with your brand and perform certain services independently. Already, customers interact with touch screens on their phones, tablets, and laptops.

By deploying self-service kiosks around your building, you let customers enjoy the ease of use they are used to on their devices.

Touchscreen kiosks have many uses in retail banking. First, they streamline queue management by showing visitors’ positions and printing out dockets. As such, visitors avoid standing in queues and can take a seat as they wait for services. Moreover, employees don’t waste time managing crowds in the banking hall.

Next, self-service kiosks increase cross-selling by letting visitors explore all financial products. You can include educational information about loans, credit lines, wealth management, and insurance to increase sales and sign-ups. Digital signs give customers the relevant information they need to become loan applicators, credit cardholders, and investors.

Lastly, interactive kiosks boost operational efficiency by reducing staff requirements and operating costs. Additionally, customers enjoy an elevated branch experience as they complete many tasks alone.

3. Waiting Line Queue

digital signage in banks (waiting line queue)

Long waiting times are the top causes of customer dissatisfaction in banks. Wait times can either be actual or perceived, where the former is the precise duration visitors spend waiting for services. Perceived wait time is more critical as it is time customers feel they spend in the waiting line queue. This means that a five-minute wait that feels like a 30-minute one creates a negative impression.

Essentially, you want to reduce the perceived wait time by giving audiences something to focus on. Digital signage solutions like digital bulletin boards and video walls rise to this occasion by broadcasting captivating content that resonates with visitors.

Furnishing the waiting hall with vivid digital signs is a great way to revolutionize your marketing efforts. Have interest rates on mortgages fallen? Are you launching new services for retirement planning? Mix your promotions with tips and updates that show customers you are committed to their financial well-being.

While digital signage in banks reduces perceived wait times by more than 35%, you need a fresh mix of content to keep audiences glued to your screen. So, mix financial information with funny videos, social media feeds, upcoming events, and RSS feeds.

You also require robust digital signage software to show informative, entertaining, and relevant content. The right platform features tens of content apps highlighting real-time currency rates, stock markets, social media feeds, weather feeds, traffic, metrics, and emergency alerts.

4. Meeting Conference Room

digital signage outside meeting conference room

Banking staff spends a lot of time in meetings discussing new regulations, changing customer preferences, global economics, and other rising issues. However, most of these meetings are unproductive due to a lack of direction, inadequate preparation, and too many distractions.

In addition, employees waste time looking for suitable conference rooms. Indeed, 40% of staff waste 30 minutes or more looking for an ideal meeting venue, resulting in poor productivity. What’s more, small groups often occupy large conference rooms and cause poor space utilization. Other rooms stay empty despite being technically reserved after managers cancel meetings.

Digital signage in banks enhances meeting room management by showing a room’s real-time status. In this way, workers don’t have to interrupt an ongoing meeting to check if the space is available. Touchscreens outside a meeting room also allow employees to book and cancel a conference instantly. 

Furthermore, people can see a meeting’s capacity and availability of communication equipment like web conferencing tools. Hence, employees quickly determine if a particular room is suitable for the nature of their meetings. Meeting room signs also broadcast your company calendar via integrations with Google calendar to help employees keep track of events.

One of the peak benefits of digital signage in banks is the ability to share real-time emergency alerts. Emergency information instantly overrides meeting room signs’ content to promote safety in case of fire, active shooting, robbery, or extreme weather.

5. Outdoor Kiosk

digital signage in banks (outdoor kiosk)

Digital signage for financial institutions isn’t only suitable for the indoors. In fact, many banks have enjoyed massive success in increasing customers and brand awareness by installing digital kiosks outside their branches.

The ATM area is a perfect location for digital signage since it receives customers who don’t step into the bank. Currently, many ATMs support various digital signage functions while still performing their primary operations. Thus, you can promote financial products and reinforce your brand as customers wait to receive their money or deposit a check. However, keep your message short and sweet as people only spend a few minutes in the ATM area.

Enhance In-Branch Experiences with Digital Signs

Digital signage in banks delivers relevant content to customers to increase sales and build a positive image. While the popularity of online banking is set to increase, many people prefer to visit physical branches because banking is a personal undertaking.

Therefore, financial institutions must upgrade the customer experience to enhance trust and engagement. Digital signage for banks takes the form of self-service kiosks that promote products and offer wayfinding details, video walls for entertainment, and meeting room signs that streamline internal communications.

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