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20 Employee Communication Content Ideas for Your Digital Signage

According to Trade Press, 85% of employees are more engaged when internal communication is highly effective. Consequently, your staff will be more motivated to work towards achieving your corporate goals. In the long run, you can expect higher morale, better customer experiences, and overall profitability.

In the face of the global pandemic, many companies have adopted the idea of a digital workplace or work environment. A significant concern is feeling disconnected among remote employees and losing that strong sense of belonging. Therefore, it’s crucial to structure your internal comms strategy and initiatives to address these concerns as raised by remote workers.

Digital Signage for Effective Internal Communication

There is no shortage of communication channels for communicating with employees and other stakeholders. Scheduling face-to-face company-wide meetings for workplace communication may not always be the best idea because of time restraints. 

Driving employee engagement requires you not only pass across the right messages but also follow the best practices and leverage the best communication tools. As a result, enter corporate digital signage solutions, which are perfect for business communication.

Indeed, digital signage boosts employee communication in several ways. With attention to this, here are some great internal communication ideas for your digital signage.

1. Welcome Messages

Make every new employee delighted to be joining your team right from the very first day. You can make new team members feel special and start their employee experience on a high note by displaying personalized welcome messages with the employee’s photo and name. 

In addition to making new team members feel special, these welcome messages will introduce them to the entire team. Ice-breaking and generally initiating conversations will be much easier for everyone.

2. Congratulatory Messages

Celebrate that employee who has just earned a promotion and is on their way up the corporate ladder. For instance, a congratulatory message running across your digital signage will help ensure the newly promoted employee feels highly appreciated. It will also help employees stay aware of changes in the organization.

3. Mission Statement and Values

Remind your employees what you stand for as an organization, your company culture, and exactly what you are working towards. Indeed, this is one of the employee communication ideas that will ensure your employees remain focused on the company goals. Additionally, it will boost morale and give everyone a sense of responsibility, driving them to work towards your corporate objectives and goals.

4. Company Performance Dashboard

How well are you doing as a company? Displaying the company dashboard across your digital signage is an excellent internal communication strategy to give everyone a look at your performance. In fact, internal communications that are extremely effective have a 47 percent better overall return to shareholders. If the company is performing well, that is cause for celebration, and if not, your team will be challenged to do better to meet specific performance metrics.

5. Employee Benefits Programs

Digital signage is an excellent tool for sharing information regarding the benefit programs for which your employees may be eligible. You may have outlined these perks during the onboarding process, but it’s always great to give a reminder. So, let your employees know they are valued and appreciated, and it will motivate the team to always do their best. If you have webinars and training coming up, put them on display to remind your team.

6. Events and Celebrations

Remind and generate interest among your employees about upcoming events and celebrations. It can be anything from birthdays to planned cook-outs. Share details of the when and where the event will be so nobody misses it.

7. Company News, Notices, and Announcements

Ditch the notice boards and company newsletter, and display all announcements on the digital screens. After all, not many people take time to go through what you may post on the noticeboard. On the other hand, digital signs are more attention-grabbing, making these signs a more effective communications platform.

8. Social Media Walls

Display content from social media platforms and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Slack chats to keep your employee entertained throughout the day. Actually, social media is a great way to connect with your clients, and you can receive notifications for when there is any activity on any of your posts. You will be able to continue engaging clients on social media.

9. Motivational Quotes

Nothing like an inspirational message to motivate your employees. Have a selection of thought-provoking quotes lined up to give your team that boost. To clarify, it’s great for mental health, and these messages will boost morale and inspire your team to be their most productive.

10. Industry News

Keep your employees well informed about what is happening in your industry. These happenings will undoubtedly affect your business in one way or another, so it’s crucial to be always in the know. Indeed, your employee communication ideas shouldn’t be limited to internal matters.

11. Menu Options

Having a corporate cafeteria is a great time-saver, as your employees can get their meals without leaving work. Thus, display what you are offering on your staff meal program. You can add photos and descriptions of the different menu items.

12. Upcoming Holidays

Holidays provide the perfect escape after days of putting in a lot of work. Display the upcoming holidays so your staff has something to look forward to, which will keep their morale high. You can also indicate if you will have an office party to celebrate specific holidays.

13. Letter From the CEO

Every so often, the CEO will want to communicate with all employees regarding different subjects. Whether it’s a commendation for work well done, a note of encouragement, or whatever else, you can display the letter on the digital signs throughout your workplace.

14. Project Milestones

Are you making significant progress on that big project the team has been working on around the clock? Celebrate every small win, and keep everyone else informed of what milestones you have achieved. As a matter of fact, it will be a great motivation to keep going.

15. Office Changes

Policies, protocols, and procedures change every day. Display these changes on your digital signs for effective communication. So, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding office changes will help avoid disruptions and foster cohesion.

16. Emergency Alerts

Use the digital signs to alert your employees of active emergencies such as an active shooter in the building and flooding. Also, include directions on the next steps the employees should follow, be it sheltering in place or evacuating the premises.

17. Workplace Hazard Reminders

Safety should always be a top priority in any workplace. Put up reminders on your digital signs of potential hazards around the workplace and what’s expected of each team member in taking responsibility for their safety.

18. Recognizing Individuals

Put up the employee of the month on your digital signs—the same for any employee who has indeed proven themselves. Moreover, add a picture, a description of their achievement, and a personalized congratulatory message.

19. Reviews and Testimonials

Positive reviews will boost your employees’ morale. On the other hand, the not-so-great ones will challenge them to do better. Display both types on your digital signs to achieve either outcome.

20. Alerts From Departments

The IT team can put up reminders of upcoming system maintenance. The same goes for any other department that may need to pass messages to the employees.

Boost Employee Communication and Engagement Today!

According to reports, better internal communication can improve your organizational productivity by up to 25 %. These and more benefits should motivate you to use digital signage and other communication tools to engage your employees.

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