digital signage for dental clinics

8 Examples of Digital Signage for Dental Clinics

When most people think of dental clinics they think of waiting rooms. Usually these waiting rooms have magazines and fish tanks. The idea was to entertain and engage patients while they wait for their service. Unfortunately, they weren’t doing this job well. This is where digital signage specifically designed for dental clinics can save the day. Digital signage can turn this dissatisfaction into an engaging experience for patients. Having attractive and engaging digital media content has been found to lessen anxiety and reduce perceived wait times by up to 35%.

Dental signboards have two advantages:

  • they can add value to the patient visit by educating them about their dental health.
  • they can add value to your practice by displaying special offers and additional services available.

Below are examples of dental clinics that are leveraging healthcare digital signage to improve the quality of patient care.

Smile Wonders

Digital Signage for Dental ClinicsEvery aspect of Smile Wonders is built with the safety, comfort, and convenience of children and parents in mind. Amenities in the Reston, VA practice are state of the art. They include a kids play area fully equipped with video games and play toys; a parent reception area with a beverage bar and workstations for professional parents. Wi-Fi is also available as well as personal movie options with wireless headphones during treatment visits. They are also leveraging digital signage for dental clinics to improve the overall patient experience. The screens display doctor bios, testimonials, and health-conscious children programs that emphasize healthy eating, dental care, and exercise.

A “Luxury” Dental Clinic

Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC) is the leading dental center in the Philippines, and one of the best in Southeast Asia. They have positioned themselves as a “luxury” dental clinic. Their biggest asset is using technology to differentiate themselves from competitors.

A 3X3 video wall in the reception welcomes patients, and shares information about the clinic and the staff to reduce patient anxiety. It also adds visual appeal, and instills technology into yet another aspect of the clinic. These video walls providing a unified high-tech appearance that meets and exceeds patient expectations.

digital signage for dental clinicsDigital signage screens in the patient rooms continue to feed patients with information about the practice, but more importantly, they are used as visual aids when dentists are explaining procedures e.g. they display X-rays and shots from intraoral camera. Patients also have the option of watching a movie on the screens as they’re getting their teeth worked on. Talk about going above and beyond to make patients comfortable!

Aesthetic Smile Design

This New Jersey dental clinic offers a “…different kind of dental experience where modern technology meets old-fashioned service.” The practice focuses a lot on customer service which is often lost in healthcare today. Technology such as digital signage is helping them keep this focus.

To promote transparency, patient education and to ease anxiety, they’re using digital signage to display breakdowns of common dental procedures, images of the dental anatomy, and more. These help patients understand how their bodies work, and in so doing, take better care of their teeth.

digital signage for dental clinics

The Smile Institute

This Monroe, WA practice uses digital signage to connect the past and present, and show how far dentistry has come.

This presentation makes patients appreciate the dental field as it is today. It also makes them more aware of current procedures, empowering them to make more informed decisions about their dental health.

It’s also great for comedic purposes!

dental signboards

Preston Bend Dental

Preston Bend Dental uses digital signage in the waiting room to showcase before and after pictures. These images make a strong statement and have a bigger impact than testimonials. Such a demonstration of the practice’s competence improves the patient’s confidence in the practice, and will turn patient anxiety into excitement.

digital signage for dental clinics

Pacific Dental Services

Pacific Dental Services uses an integrated solution of print and digital signage to communicate with their patients. Incorporating this gives their patients the best of both worlds: attention-grabbing motion and animation where it’s most effective, and easy-to-read, attractive designs on print in key areas. The dental clinic is using both digital signage and print to display special offers, show their philanthropic efforts, and health tips. They also show information on billing, so patients can prepare ahead for faster service.

digital signage for dental clinics


The dental clinic smilebuilderz is taking a different route with one of their digital signage screens. Instead of displaying dental-related information, they’re displaying pictures of beautiful scenery and inspirational quotes.

Photos have long been the choice for building the “look and feel” in offices, and research shows that displaying beautiful scenery on large display screens allows the eyes to adjust and re-focus, which reduces anxiety, stress, and relaxes patients.

These photos bring a sense of peace in the clinic. They can also act as a distract so that patients don’t dwell on the procedures to come.

dental signboards

Cyndi Chen DDS

This San Jose practice is using the digital signage screen in the waiting room to influence the health choices of its patients by displaying health-conscious kids programs that emphasize healthy eating, dental care, and exercise.

Displaying these programs is a great way to spark conversations with kids. Specifically about leading a healthy lifestyle, and inspire both them and their parents to go on a health kick.

digital signage for dental clinicsWe hope the examples above gave you some ideas on how to use digital signage in your clinic. If you have any questions on how to get started, send us an email at or connect with us.

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