Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University needed a dynamic platform to replace their static directories and boost student participation in events and school activities.

The digital signage implementation included 9 networked screens powered by the Mvix digital signage software.

The screens display announcements, event listings, building directories, RSS feeds, photos, videos and more.

Eastern Kentucky University now has a streamlined communication process, elevating the on-campus experience.


Eastern Kentucky University, a public university located in Richmond, Kentucky, has implemented a network of 9 digital signage displays, all powered by the Mvix platform.

Located in the health sciences buildings, the screens share communications with students more effectively, keeping them in the know about upcoming events and school offerings. As a result of the digital signage network, communication between students and the school is more streamlined and this has elevated the on-campus experience.

| Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University has achieved national recognition as one of the Top Public Schools, Best School for Veterans, Best Online Bachelor’s Programs and more.

The institution was founded in 1906 and today, it has six colleges and offers more than 40 undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Sitting on 675 acres, the campus has a total undergraduate enrollment of 13,399. The school stands out especially for its Nursing, Education and Criminal Justice and Aviation programs.

The institution has produced over a dozen professional athletes including former NFL coach Rex Ryna. Notable alumni include Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister of Thailand and Tom Colbert, an Associate Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

The Challenge

Eastern Kentucky University wanted a more dynamic way to communicate with their students and update their directories.

Prior to the digital signage implementation, Eastern Kentucky University used static directories to display office locations. These traditional directories were expensive and time-consuming for the university to update, leaving students and guests confused at where offices and classrooms were located.

Eastern Kentucky University also used static posters and email to share information about tutoring and upcoming events. The static posters were time-consuming to create, costly to update, and a hassle to disperse. With a growing health science’s department, they needed a more centralized and sustainable solution to display all their events and offerings.

The static directories and posters were not only tedious and costly to update, they also lacked animation and flexibility. Eastern Kentucky University wanted a more dynamic solution to improve communication and the overall student experience.

Jagger Coffey, the Technology Resource Manager, gravitated to digital signage as a solution after seeing them in action at airports.

“Mvix has been a prodigious addition to our college! I thoroughly enjoy creating images and easily uploading them to the software, and within a few minutes hear chatter from colleagues and students about the posted information.” – Heather Pusey, Content Superstar

The Solution

Eastern Kentucky University implemented a digital signage network of 9 screens within their 6 College of Health Sciences buildings, all powered by the Mvix Digital Signage Platform.

With 6 health science buildings on campus, Eastern Kentucky University wanted a way to manage the content on all of the screens from one location. The Mvix platform did just that, allowing staff to manage all of their campus displays remotely.

Mvix’s content-rich digital signage software includes over 150 content apps, allowing the school to display unique content including announcements, events listings, directories, CAP alerts, weather/time, RSS feeds, and more.

The Mvix digital signage platform also provided streamlined content management – content is easy to upload display instantly. The content also auto-updates, ensuring that screens are displaying the most up-to-date information available.

Advanced content scheduling is also a win for Eastern Kentucky University. This allows staff to schedule content in advance, and with dayparting, different content is displayed at different times of the day.

“Mvix provided an innovative way to bring solidarity to our college.  Adaptable features relaying essential information in a steady stream to our EKU community” – Jagger Coffey, Technology Resource Manager

The Results

Digital signage has enhanced the campus experience and improved communication about university news and upcoming events.

After a successful digital signage implementation, Eastern Kentucky University was able to better communicate with their students and visitors. The strategically-placed screens in their health science’s buildings shows the most up-to-date directories, keeping everyone informed of office and classroom locations. Whenever there is a change in office numbers or staff members, Eastern Kentucky’s staff can quickly reflect those changes on their digital building directories.

Rather than relying on email and static posters for events and announcements, the digital displays are able to engage students by showing relevant information with compelling visuals. The screens display dynamic content, which catches the attention of students more than traditional communication methods.

Eastern Kentucky University noticed that students are asking more questions about events and school activities. This means students recall the on-screen information and and are making inquiries to take the next steps.

The digital signage network allowed Eastern Kentucky University to become a more modern yet sustainable campus by reducing their printing costs. They no longer have to print and disperse new posters on campus, creating efficiency when advertising new announcements or events.

Overall, digital signage has become a valuable addition to Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Health Sciences. The digital displays helped modernize their buildings and elevate the overall campus experience. The Mvix platform created an effective and easy to use solution to push out new information and keep students engaged.

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