Mercer Trenton Airport Mvix Digital Signage Implementation

Trenton Mercer Airport

Trenton-Mercer Airport needed their advertising to be hyper-targeted to properly capture the attention of travelers.

CMA was awarded the Trenton-Mercer Airport contract, which includes an outreach program targeting advertisers throughout Mercer County. It also comprises advertising in the airport lobby, at check-in, gate area, baggage claim, shuttle bus space and light poles. Trenton-Mercer Airport’s new flight information display system and additional digital advertising display boards are being used to promote community events in the area.


Trenton-Mercer Airport, one of only three commercial airports in New Jersey, has implemented a Flight Information Display System (FIDS). The FIDS system is powered by the Mvix platform and managed by CMA, a full-service communications, marketing and association management firm.

The FIDS display shows flight information and hyper-targeted ads for consumer and business travelers.

Trenton-Mercer Airport

Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN), one of 3 commercial airports in New Jersey, has served the Mercer County Region for more than 80 years.

TTN’s rich history spans the decades from early aviation, to its preeminent role in the production of the WWII Avenger Torpedo Bomber. Today, it is home to commercial air carrier service connecting Mercer County to hundreds of destinations. The aviation units of numerous Fortune 500 companies, a corporate terminal and repair base, the U.S. Customs Service, the New Jersey State Police, and the New Jersey National Guard are also located at the airport.


CMA is a full-service communications, marketing and association management firm, which has provided its clients with award-winning and proven results for more than 30 years.

To drive ROI, it utilizes its strategic solutions including strategy, branding, digital marketing, web design, social media, public relations, advertising, collateral, association management, events/conferences, publications and advertising sales. Through its proprietary discovery process, Marketecture™, CMA offers a strategic analysis to help clients understand how they can best be positioned in the marketplace.

The Challenge

Trenton-Mercer Airport wanted their messaging to be hyper-targeted and to capture the attention of both consumer and business travelers for a longer duration.

Trenton-Mercer Airport had static ads, but these limited the reach of their messaging. The ads were not dynamic or animated, which failed to capture the attention of moving travelers. Updating the ads was also costly and time-consuming – whenever a change was needed, new ads had to be printed and labor was needed to install them.

Because of the static nature of the ads, this also meant that the airport could only have one advertiser per ad/space. Essentially, the number of advertisers was limited.

On average, passengers are spending approximately 2.5 hours at Trenton-Mercer Airport. This is a prime opportunity for the airport and advertisers to communicate with passengers. By delivering their brand to nearly 1 million annual passengers (many of them frequent travelers), an advertiser’s message becomes increasingly reinforced on a local and regional level.

Digital signage was needed to turn around the way the airport communicates with passengers.

The Solution

Trenton-Mercer Airport implemented a Flight Information Display System (FIDS) powered by the Mvix Digital Signage Platform and managed by CMA. The Mvix solution offered a robust platform for CMA to manage the display and upload content remotely. This helped with efficiency as CMA did not need to be at the airport physically in order to update the display.

The platform also provided advanced content scheduling. This meant that CMA could schedule ads for weeks and even months in advance. The schedule can be customized to show different content for different times of the day and different days of the week. This allowed the airport to show different ads for specific travelers.

Streamlined content management was an important requirement for CMA. They needed the ability to easily upload, update and manage ads in addition to news feeds, scrolling text, weather, time & date, and even social media. Mvix’s content-rich digital signage software includes over 200 content apps and data integrations, giving CMA a library of content to choose from.

The software also includes a Flight Info widget (FIDS) which CMA leveraged to display flight info such as arrivals, departures, cancellations, delays, gate numbers and more.

“The system has worked very well for us and is also scalable. As the airport grows, the system grows because there is no limit in space. We even have started conversations about partnering with the Princeton-Mercer Convention and Visitors Bureau, further adding value and economic development to the local area.” – Christian Amato, Chief Business Development Officer & COO at CMA

The Results

Trenton-Mercer Airport noted an increase in viewer attention, customer satisfaction, and ad revenue, and recorded reduced printing costs.

As a result of the digital signage installation, Trenton-Mercer Airport saw an increase in viewer attention. They got more eyeballs and the passengers were engaging with the ads more.

The airport was also able to recruit more advertisers as they now had more digital real estate. There are also plans for more partnerships with businesses in the central business district (CBD).

Airport flow also improved as a result of displaying flight info in strategic areas. Passengers are better informed about their flights and can find their way around the airport easily.

Overall, digital signage became more cost-effective compared to static ads, eliminating printing.

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