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Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

Use restaurant digital signage to boost sales (up to 33%) and overall customer experience. 

Pizza Shop Digital Menu Board

Top Use Cases

With 74% of customers looking for an easy to read menu, digital menu boards allow QSRs, restaurants, and other eateries to modernize their restaurants.


  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Advertising and DOOH
  • Digital Welcome Boards
  • Video Walls
  • Breakroom Signage
  • Production-Metric Displays
  • Digital Menu Boards

    The top use case for the food and beverage industry. Digital Menu Boards are easy to implement and update and bring multiple benefits to restaurants both large and small.

  • Promotions

    Easily display new menu items or promotions with content that can be scheduled to only display at specific times. For example, specials between 4pm and 7pm can be scheduled to only show in that time slot.

  • Live TV

    Use digital signage displays to play live TV inside your restaurant. Digital signage displays are made for exactly that, displays. They have great resolutions, crisp pictures, and HD video features.

  • Infotainment

    Display infotainment on your digital displays. Infotainment is a combination of content that is both entertaining and informational. A great example of this would be trivia and quizzes.

  • Photos

    Add photos to your digital menu boards to give customers an idea of what to expect from your menu items. Put differently, it is also more likely to whet one's appetite or grab attention with images.

  • Customer Reviews

    A great way to give potential customers a reason to choose your restaurant. Additionally, nominations and awards can be displayed to give customers an unbiased opinion of offerings.

Context for digital menu boards
Menu boards
Restaurant with Live TV
Worship Venue Menu Boards
Promotional example on digital menu boards
Food Truck Digital Signage
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Digital restaurant menu templates

The success of your digital menu boards depends on the quality of the menu templates. Below are beautiful digital restaurant menu templates.. As budgets tighten and competition thickens, restaurant owners should invest in products high ROI. 

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Mariachi Menu Board
  • Grab and Go Digital Menu Board Example
  • Hispanic Food Digital Menu Board Example
  • Havana Grill digital menu board example
  • Horizonal Menu Board with Promotions
  • Italian food digital menu board
  • Italian digital menu board example
  • menu board ideas
  • American Legion Digital Menu Boards
  • Cheese restaurant digital menu board example
  • BBQ portrait digital menu board example
  • Bakery digital menu board example
  • Taco digital menu boards example
  • Dessert example digital menu board
  • BBQ digital menu board
  • Oktoberfest digital signage
  • Grand opening digital signage example
  • Chicken and waffles digital menu board
  • Coffee shop portrait digital signage example

Digital menu boards for restaurants of all types

The Mvix software includes over 150 content apps and integrations, enabling you to make the most of your restaurant digital signage. 

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Digital Restaurant Menu Success Story

Baja Bistro

“For a fraction of the cost of comparable full-featured solutions, I have an affordable, flexible, and customizable graphic engine to drive effective and efficient communication.”

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Alex Namdar


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Digital restaurant signage articles

Read more about how restaurants and the hospitality industry can use digital signage to improve, enhance and better customer experiences.

In particular, check out our how do digital menu boards work article!

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Digital Signage Buyer’s Guide

Digital Signage is the perfect product for businesses looking to enhance their communication. For newcomer’s to digital signage, knowing just what to expect can help you decide what solution is best for your business, In our Digital Signage Buyer’s Guide, we discuss:

  • Uses & Benefits
  • Components of Digital Signage
  • Choosing a Digital Signage Player/Hardware
  • Selecting Digital Signage Software
  • And more!
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Mvix digital signage solutions for restaurant environments include hardware, software, content and professional services that enable you to optimize your customer satisfaction.

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