5 Benefits of an Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk in Movie Theaters

5 Benefits of an Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk in Movie Theaters

A report from Statista insinuates a growing demand for interactive kiosks globally with their sales projected to double by 2028. This data shows that displaying digital kiosks is a necessity rather than a luxury for movie theatres. Regardless of online streaming services and other options for watching movies at home, many people still prefer movie theaters to experience that unique big-screen movie-viewing customer experience. 

interactive movie theatre kiosk

Everyday operations often pose challenges for many businesses. An interactive touch screen kiosk can help address the challenges and offer significant benefits.

As technology improves, movie owners find ways to attract and retain customers; this is where interactive touchscreen kiosks and other cutting-edge technology help theater owners keep up with current and emerging trends in the movie industry. If you’re a movie business owner, you should consider investing in interactive touch screens to upgrade your movie theater.

What is an Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk?

An interactive touch screen kiosk is a hardware device integrated with special software and a user-friendly interface to display content allowing users to execute certain transactions. Notably, the critical characteristic of this technology is self-service. Users can access the product, information, or service they need anytime.

Clients can peruse your catalog online. Thus, they can place their orders, even for the products you don’t have in stock, enabling you to work on your inventory. Interactive touch screen kiosks are more effective and engaging than employees when you use them as information points. The touch screen can free up your employees’ time or assume their roles altogether.

Below are five benefits of interactive digital signage in your movie theater.

1. Interactive Kiosks Increase Customer Satisfaction

Professional and well-designed interactive touch screen kiosks are essential assets for your movie theatre. Whether floor-standing, wall-mounted, or free-standing, these self-service touch kiosks can assist your clients in booking movie tickets, help your business reduce long queues, and respond to customers’ queries promptly.

For instance, digital displays of this kind can provide answers to frequently asked questions in real-time. They can display available movies or new releases and provide ticket pricing information for your clients to view.

On the other hand, interactive touch screen kiosks can serve as directories and guides to provide digital wayfinding. These information kiosks can guide your clients and staff members, especially if they are strategically located within your business.

You can use interactive touch screen kiosks to offer personalized services in your movie theater.

Placing them strategically within your business is the most appropriate way to attract new clients to your business. In addition, these technical kiosks are more efficient than any other technology, mainly when it involves one-on-one interactions between your team of movie theater employees and your clients.

Moreover, you can allow customers to access information from your digital kiosks through their iPads or other handheld intelligent devices. They can browse your online movie catalog or even book tickets in advance without the assistance of your employees.

2. Interactive Self-Service Kiosks Improves Business Efficiency

movie theatre kiosk

Once connected to a reliable power supply and Wi-Fi, full HD interactive touch screen kiosks can function throughout the year.

Despite working long hours, touch screens work with the same high standard daily, delivering quality and consistent user experience. A positive user experience can attract more customers through customer reviews and an increased number of repeat customers. For that reason, these interactive whiteboards can save your movie theater business a significant portion of your marketing budget.  

In addition to their reliable functionality, interactive digital kiosks can maintain high-quality content throughout. They can also play an integral role in executing routine activities like:

  • Answering client inquiries in real time
  • Providing vital information to the clients
  • Facilitating transactions such as reading credit cards
  • Freeing up time for your employees

Now that the interactive self-service kiosk can improve your business efficiency, you may direct your staff to focus on other demanding activities that increase profitability for your business. All you need is a high-quality media player, operating system, HDMI or VGA connection, and appropriate LCD screen size; everything else will fall in place.

3. Interactive Multi-Touch Screens Improve Sales

Branded touch kiosks in various locations or peripherals can boost sales significantly. Statistics show that 4 out of 5 brands record a 33% increase in sales after implementing various digital signage solutions. Markedly, businesses can develop inventive revenue streams to help them increase profits.

Some movie lovers may not be sure what to watch when they walk into your theater. But with an interactive touch screen kiosk, they can easily choose which movie type to watch at a given time. Customers can only select movies at the interactive touch screen kiosks if you display special deals, trending box office movies, new releases, bundle packages, or other enticing offers that clients find interesting.

Allowing your customers to interact with your kiosk without bothering sales associates provides a more positive customer experience. Since they can get the information they need on their own terms, you’re likely to record an improvement in sales. Having the booths available in convenient locations is an added advantage. Interactive touch screen kiosks expose your clients to credible possibilities, deals, and discounts your store provides.

An increase in sales will result in faster returns on your investments. For example, suppose you equip your kiosk with an interactive touch screen kiosk and increase your revenue by $1,000 per week. Your unit could pay itself off in one year, leaving you to enjoy pure profits afterward.

4. Interactive Touch Screen Monitors Create Unparalleled Branding and Marketing Opportunities

interactive movie theatre kiosk

High-quality Android multi-touch screens can provide an excellent brand demonstration. Such state-of-the-art capacitive touchscreens make clients feel valued thanks to user-friendly technology that meets their needs.

When your clients are happy, they keep coming back for more movies. In that sense, there is a need to make the unparalleled branding process easy and timeless so that you can build loyalty. Make sure to exhibit your movie theater brand personality and logo to make your business stand out.

In addition to their functionality, touch screen kiosks are often brandable. This feature in itself provides another avenue for companies to market their goods and services. At the same time, the screens can bolster brand awareness by approximately 47.7%.

Since touch screen kiosks are available in many locations and configurations, brands can use them to subtly enhance marketing. Brands, services, and products you choose to feature can be easily updated or switched out based on the season or time of day.

5. Interactive Touch Screen Leads to Easier Concession Coordination

Even if you have several employees behind the counter, coordinating food preparation at the cinema’s concession stand is tough. Worse still, matters can get complicated when you add hot foods to the menu, such as:

  • Hot dogs
  • Chicken tenders
  • Pizza

Fortunately, using a self-service kiosk, you can make the order placement process more accessible at the concession service. Your customers only need to enter their orders on the touchscreen at the booth. Then, they can move to the concession stand to pick up their orders. Overall, the faster the clients place orders, the quicker it is for employees to prepare them for pickup by all guests.

Moreover, interactive kiosks can effectively help to eliminate errors likely to occur when employees misunderstand customers’ instructions. Few errors resulting from customer-driven order placement allow for an efficient and streamlined order delivery process.

Getting Started with Interactive Touch Screens for Movie Theaters

Integrating digital signage kiosks into retail stores, showrooms, trade shows, commercial displays, and movies provides a rich platform to generate higher returns. Therefore, this innovative display technology can help you narrow the gap between digital and physical shopping.

Touch screen kiosks can solve all the problems you may encounter while operating a cinema, considering their undeniable benefits. Besides, these signage kiosks can promote a personalized customer experience in your movie theatre. So, consider exploring the option of self-service kiosk implementation to improve your overall profit picture.

Take advantage of the technology to increase customer satisfaction, improve business efficiency and concession coordination, and create unparalleled branding for your business.

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