Digital Signage in Vets Offices

5 Content Ideas For Veterinary Offices

Digital signage for your veterinary clinic can be such a powerful tool for branding your pet clinic. It can be helpful in displaying marketing materials, promoting your expertise and services. Additionally, it can be helpful with displaying educational content and related information. Indeed, you can get custom veterinary digital signage solutions for different sections of your clinic right from the lobby or waiting area to the exam rooms.

You want to use dynamic and relevant content on your digital signage.

It should be noted that content is, of course, key. In addition to investing in the right digital signage software, you want to use dynamic and relevant content. As a result, you will capture the viewer’s attention. Some great content ideas for veterinary offices include the following.

Pet Care Tips

Highlight the best practices pet owners can follow to ensure their pets stay in the best health with veterinary digital signage. For example, outline pet health tips to prevent disease and obesity. This covers everything from proper nutrition to exercise, required vaccination, and socialization.

Similarly, point out what owners should be on the lookout for in regards to early disease detection and when pet parents should seek medical attention.

Marketing Material

A digital sign can be an invaluable asset to your marketing campaign. Craft content to increase awareness about all the veterinary surgeries and other veterinary services such as microchip implantation offered at your clinic. It’s an effective way to drive sales, and you can expect to receive more inquiries about your offerings.

Similarly, if you have any promotions or specials running, then you will want to put them in front of your clients through veterinary digital signage.

Staff Biographies

You want to inspire the kind of confidence that will motivate pet owners.

At the same time, you want to inspire the kind of confidence that will motivate pet owners to trust you with the care of their pets. A great way to do that with veterinary digital signage is to highlight the expertise and experience of your employees. No doubt about it, pet owners will feel more assured having you take care of their pets if you showcase why you are the best at what you do with great biographies.

Featured Customer Reviews and Testimonials

It’s not enough to tell clients why you are the best veterinarians to care for their pets. Why not have others say it for you? This is a great idea to use as content for your veterinary office.

Feature pictures of other pet parents with their pets at your facilities. A before and after spread can help highlight the kind of care you offer and your dedication to every pet’s wellness. Video testimonials and reviews can be incredibly impactful. Of course, you can always ask your clients if they’d like to give your facility a review and feature in this type of user-generated content.


Fresh and entertaining content will help to reduce perceived wait time. Again, pet parents can get quite anxious in the waiting room, so anything to help calm them down would be perfect for displaying on the waiting room TV.

For starters, you can never go wrong with anything that has pets being their cute and lovable selves. As such, compile some videos and pictures of the pets doing the most adorable things. There are so many, you’d be lost for choice.

Adorable pet pictures are great digital signage content.

Another great idea is to link to your social media feeds such as Twitter and Instagram and incorporate RSS feeds. Similarly, location-based data, including traffic and weather information and news on live TV, can be engaging to help reduce the perceived wait times.

In summary, you can pass along the right message the right way with the right content. With a mix of great images and visuals, videos, and announcements, you can do just that featuring these content ideas for veterinary offices. Professional digital signage companies offer customer support to ensure you get value for your veterinary digital signage investment.

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