8 Markets that Should Show Social Media on their Digital Signage

8 Markets that Should Show Social Media on their Digital Signage

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that exposes businesses to over 4 billion potential customers who use different social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. People spend many hours checking their social accounts daily, making social media platforms a great place to advertise and communicate with your audience. 

woman looking at social media on digital signage

As such, businesses are gradually embracing digital signage solutions in their retail stores. As a result, 80% of companies that use digital signage record a significant increase in sales. Furthermore, with the rise of social media, it is only profitable for businesses to display their social media on digital signage screens. This way, they can share information about the company, its employees, and its products.

How Social Media and Digital Signage Provide the Best of Both Worlds

If you’re yet to incorporate social media into your digital signage, you’re missing out on what both have to offer for your business. Social media and digital signage provide dynamic real-time information that your target audience can see on various devices like screens, tablets, and mobile phones. So, the two have proved to be quite promising in capturing customer attention.

If both platforms work so well independently, integrating the two for business marketing will ensure double the success. Statistics show that at least 72% of the population is active on at least one social media network. That tells you just how many people you can reach with the proper integration of social media on digital signage.

Social media walls displayed on digital signage show real-time content. Besides, you can easily customize the content to suit the needs of your target audience. It’s an exciting and effective way to keep your audience engaged with attractive stuff.

The secret lies in implementing a game plan that consistently integrates your business’s social media channels with digital displays. Multiple ways exist to achieve this goal, but the simplest is to add a message to your signage display and encourage viewers to subscribe to your social media platforms. However, it’s crucial to be a little more creative.

Social Media on Digital Signage Integration Examples

Consider these examples to stir your creativity when integrating social media into digital signage:

  • An employment or recruitment agency shows its LinkedIn page on digital displays and highlights the profiles of users who landed a job after using the agency’s services. Additionally, it can display comments from happy individuals praising the agency for helping them in finding a career.
  • A university campus can use social media to remind students of an upcoming event. It can encourage them to leave behind supportive comments and posts to instill school spirit.  
  • Since images are more memorable than words, a business like a toy store can enhance its marketing strategy by placing some life-size figurines from trending movies, cartoons, and other children’s programs. Parents can take photos of their children posing with the figurines. The business can then add the pictures to its Pinterest page and display them alongside others in a collage format on its digital display screens.
  • Consider displaying what people are tweeting about your business on your digital displays. Then encourage people to send their own 140-character tweets on Twitter. That way, your customers can see their tweets as they pop on your digital screens in real-time. Incorporating Twitter into digital signage is an excellent way to spread the use of hashtags when promoting a particular topic.
social media feed on digital signage

With this in mind, here are eight markets that should display social media on digital signage:

1. Banks 

To enhance the customer experience, banks should consider using digital signage. Displaying a bank’s social media on digital signage allows it to connect with its customers online. In addition, it makes it easy for customers to find the bank’s official social media profile, especially if the bank’s name is famous.

So, displaying social media makes customers connect with the bank and not a fake social media profile. This way, customers can make inquiries, tag the bank in relevant posts, or leave reviews regarding the business. Besides displaying its social media on digital signage, a bank can advertise its current offers, like promotions, to increase sell-through rates.

2. Education Institutions 

Students understand more visual content than text, especially in this digital age. The aim of digital signage screens in an educational institution is to provide information. For example, an institution could use the screens as digital wayfinding signage, welcome boards, video wall, digital menu boards, or announcement boards.

The students can then connect with the institution via the social media displayed on digital signage. Ideally, it would help to strive to provide relevant digital signage content to hold the attention of visitors and students. That will make them want to connect with the institution on its social platforms. 

3. Hotels

Hotels that don’t display their social media on digital signage are missing out on the power of social media marketing. Displaying social media content allows clients to reach out and connect. For instance, if the rooms are super stylish and comfortable, a client may take a selfie, post it online, and tag the hotel. Also, they can share pictures of the menu or food to give a positive or negative review. 

In addition, customers can use social media to comment or complain about the hotel’s services. Online reviews are crucial for the survival of any business. Once the clients tag the business in their posts, it should be because of its excellent services and products. When they share on their social feed, the hotel gets free advertising. That can increase sales and profits for the business.

4. Healthcare Institutions 

Showing social media on digital signage for a healthcare facility improves patient and employee interaction. The facilities should ensure to empower patients and employees with relevant information through video walls, breakroom signage, waiting room displays, lobby signage, and more. Also, including social media profiles on all digital signage displays makes it easy for clients to find the facility online.

social media on a digital signage screen handing on wall.

As a result, it can enjoy online reviews from satisfied and dissatisfied clients on its social media wall. Finally, offering irresistible health packages, new products, and offers like free cancer screening can prompt user-generated content like discussions on their social media posts. 

5. Sports Centers 

Sports centers can show their sports facility’s social media on digital signage to connect with their clients. It enables clients to find them easily, make inquiries, and leave reviews about the services. Displaying offers and services alongside social media gives clients great social content to discuss on their social media feeds.

Also, including fun social media content worth sharing online on the digital signage screens is a great way to boost hashtag campaigns.

6. Manufacturing Companies 

Every manufacturer should show social media on digital signage for easy connection with clients and internal communication. In addition, they should create fun and relevant content for their company that employees and customers can easily share online. Their social media allows customers to send complaints or positive reviews about the company. 

7. Entertainment Companies 

Clients who are having a good time in an entertainment company may want to let their online followers know. They may take real-time pictures and videos to share online while tagging the brand. So showing social media on digital signage screens makes it easy for them to tag the business. This is free advertising, and such a company is bound to receive new customers, improving its sales. Also, it can display specific hashtags for the clients to use. 

8. Retail Stores

Social media influences the purchasing behavior of 44% of shoppers. If you pair that with the fact that digital signage displays can increase purchase amounts by approximately 29%, it’s pretty easy to see why retail stores should incorporate social media on digital signage. That should give them a reason to build a case for synching store screens with their online social media marketing campaigns.

The displays can encompass anything from a hashtag to a live social media hub that combines chatter from any channel where customers talk and discuss matters concerning the store. User-generated posts have a compound effect of inspiring a wider audience than just the in-store browsers.

Don’t Miss Out on This Effective Marketing Tool 

social media feed on digital signage in breakroom wall

Social media has become an integral part of many businesses and is a great way to market your brand by connecting with a digital audience. Social media integration is an essential marketing strategy that increases brand awareness, improving sales and profits. You can easily brand and style your wall to display the best of your user-generated content, converting your audience into fans, followers, and contributors. Showcasing your social feed should be a no-brainer with the measurable ROI that could be produced.

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